Welcome to Nanod.es

We provide a service that makes it easy for you to spin up your own Nano representative without having to manage any of it. No technical knowledge required.

You can either spin up a node in our hosting account or sign up and provide an API key so so that we can spin up a cluster in your own account.

Privately hosted nodes

Simply sign up log in, provide the API key to your provider of choice and submit the payment via Brainblocks.  We will do nitty gritty technical stuff and spin up a node in your account and bootstrap it for you.
We currently support Linode as the hosting provider. AWS, Azure and more are coming very soon.

Publicly hosted nodes

Send Nano to a specific address (below)  and we will spin up your own virtual private server in our account for you, bootstrap it and install the latest Nano node version on it. You will get SSH access to the server to verify its uptime and access the node on it.

XRB Address



Of course there is more to come. Please see the Roadmap for upcoming features.